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Welcome to the Temple Emanuel Religious School (TERS), where learning meets exploration and discovery. Our thriving, discussion-based, student-centered program is designed to ignite a love for Judaism and foster a deep connection to our rich heritage.

Our school meets Sunday mornings from 9:30 am to 12pm, offering a dynamic blend of interactive learning experiences. First, students engage in Tefilah sessions to practice prayers and delve into the weekly Parsha, setting the stage for meaningful discussions, led by Rabbi Ari.

Throughout the morning, children participate in lessons that encompass Judaism and Hebrew taught by our experienced and well respected educators. From cultural celebrations to Hebrew fluency, our curriculum caters to children ages 5 and up, including those preparing for their B'nai Mitzvah. Our older children also participate in a six week Holocaust education class.

Students 13 or older (post B'nai Mitzvah) are also invited to participate in a seminar  with one of our most experienced educators.  In this class, which meets twice a month on Sundays, the facilitator leads  discussions on cultural trends that impact young Jewish adults.  Students read a chapter each week from authors including Sarah Hurwitz, Rabbi Joe Telushkin and Amy Schwartz to prepare for class.  For example, they will read chapters from the book, "Can Robots be Jewish?", which is a book that discusses important and relevant questions such as "Is silence consent?", "What sins should we atone for in our use of social media?" and "What does the Torah teach us about addiction?" This is one of our most popular classes and fills up fast every year!  If you have a teenager who would like to join their peers, even if they have not attended religious school before, please contact us early for enrollment.

 In addition to our Sunday sessions, older students receive personalized Hebrew lessons during the week via Zoom, ensuring individualized attention and progress. 

Our school year runs from September to April, punctuated by special religious school events of the Jewish calendar.

At Temple Emanuel, inclusivity and diversity are cornerstones of our ethos. We embrace discussion, debate, art, play, mentorship, and socialization to inspire our students to explore their identity and heritage.

Join us on this enriching journey! Registration is now open.  Please click the registration square below. For other enrollment inquiries or further information, please email Dr. Sarah Davis at or contact the office by calling 757-428-2591 or emailing

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