Torah Reading Resources


At Temple Emanuel we believe that Jewish worship belongs to everyone.  One key way in which you can contribute to our services is by reading from the Torah (leining).  Below are some resources that may be helpful in preparing a Torah reading.

Learning the Trope (Musical Notes)

Torah reading styles differ between communities (and even individuals).  This is an example of how Torah is read at Temple Emanuel.  The worksheet below details the names of the musical symbols and what they look like.  Use the audio recording to learn how each  of the musical symbols is chanted.  When you are comfortable recognizing and chanting the symbols, move over to the Torah text you will be learning.  Feel free to print or download the worksheet.  You can also download the audio recording (click here).

Trope Sheet Image


We also have an abbreviated version of her trope to refresh your memory (click here):



If you would like to rehearse your Torah reading using the same unvocallised unpunctuated text you will see in the Torah, we suggest using Scrollscaper.  Simply select the biblical book (e.g. Genesis) and input the chapter and verse numbers (separately) for the start and end points of your reading.

Click here to go to Scrollscaper


Existing Recordings 

You can download recordings of the entire Torah (as well as a slightly different trope) using an app for iOS and Android called Pocket Torah.  Others recordings exist but they will follow the annual reading cycle (not the triennial as we do), so your portion won’t match up.