Prayer Services

We hold prayer services regularly each week.  They are each a little different.  Our aim is to provide options that can accommodate our diverse community and different types of spiritual expression.IMG951544

Friday Evening – 6 pm

Our Friday night services are participatory and engaging.  The evening is full of music, story-telling, interactive wisdom-sharing and prayer.  It is accessible to everyone, even those who have never participated in Jewish worship before.  It is about 60 minutes in length, with a little gathering afterwards.

Friday Light – 6pm

Friday Light is a special family friendly Friday night service held once a month, either on the beach or indoors.  It is led by our team of Levites and followed by dinner and activities.  For details, click here.IMG_1446

Shabbat (Saturday) Morning – 10:00am20130811_094516

Our services on Shabbat morning are traditional: they follow closely the fixed text of the new Conservative siddur (prayer book) Lev Shalem and include the weekly Torah reading (the triennial cycle). The ethos of our community is that worship is not a performance but rather a spiritual practice: the services are led by members of the community or the rabbi.  Men and women participate equally.  The rabbi usually gives a brief sermon or leads a study session.  The service is normally 2 hours in length, with a lunch to follow.

Shabbat Shirah – 9:45am

Shabbat Shirah is a special Saturday morning service held once a month.  It is led by our team of Levites and followed by lunch.  For details, click here.


Wednesday Evening – 6:45pm20130811_095618

Our Wednesday evening service is an opportunity for those who are in mourning for a loved one, or commemorating yahrzeit (the anniversary of a passing), to say the Kaddish or memorial prayer.  It consists of the regular evening prayers with an opportunity at the end to speak of the loved one who is being commemorated.  Naturally those who are not mourning or commemorating a death are equally welcome.  To ensure that a minyan (prayer quorum) is present, please let the office know in advance that you wish to commemorate the passing of a loved one.  The service normally lasts about 30 minutes.