Haftarah Reading Resources

Our tradition draws not only from the Torah (the “five books of Moses”) but also from the books of the prophets.  We read from the prophetic books following the Torah reading, this is known as Haftarah, meaning “parting” or “taking leave.”  Whereas the Torah text is unvocalized and  unpunctuated, most communities read the Haftarah from a printed text which includes both vowels and punctuation.

Haftarah reading styles differ between communities.  This is the style we teach at Temple Emanuel.  The worksheet below details the names of the musical symbols and what they look like.  Use the audio recording to learn how each  of the musical symbols is chanted.  Feel free to print or download the worksheet.  You can also download the audio recording (click here).


Haftarah Trope



Alternatively, here is a recording with the trope spaced out, which might make practicing easier.