Friday Light

Friday Light Temply Emanuel Jan 2016

Please RSVP and pay using Paypal below (accepts all major cards) by noon of Wednesday October 25th.

Dinner will be FREE for kids under 15 and $15 for adults.  Please RSVP for BOTH kids and adults using the PayPal system below. You will not be charged when you register for kids’ meals.  Please note that the deadline for RSVPs is Wednesday the week of the event.

  1. Select the type of meal from the drop-down list below and click “Add to Cart.”
  2. This will open up an additional tab in your browser that displays your cart.
  3. To add additional meals, return to the previous tab (this one) and select an additional meal.  That meal will either be a new entry in the cart, or will increase the quantity of that type of meal in the cart, e.g. Child Vegetarian – Quantity 2.
  4. Repeat the procedure until you have accounted for all the kids and adults you wish to register.
  5. When you are ready to checkout, use the cart tab (the tab to the right of this one) and select either regular payment (no account required) or use your PayPal account.
  6. On the screen that follows, again choose either regular payment (below – no account required) or use your PayPal account.

If you have any trouble with the system, please call the office on (757) 428-2591.

Type of Meal

We hope that you will enjoy the music of our worship service!  We have tried to select catchy and participatory music so that everyone is included and can jump right in.  You can also listen to recordings of the melodies below at your leisure.  Enjoy!

Tzfat Niggun (Ikar)

Hinei Mah Tov  (Traditional)                                      

Psalm 150, “Halleluyah” (L. Cohen)

Yedid Nefesh

Romemu (Craig Taubman)

Lekha Dodi (Traditional Fast Melody)

Lemaan Ahai Ve-Reyai


Ahavat Olam                         (Traditional)

Mi Kamokha (Shira Hadasha)

Ve-Shamru (Carlebach)

Or Zarua, Dan Nichols

Hassidic Kaddish

Aleinu (Yah Ribon”, Peter “Avniel” Salzman)

Kids activities will include the option of NERF Tag – Capture the Flag or some milder kids’ games for younger children.  If your child wishes to participate in NERF Tag, you will need to sign a waiver BEFORE Friday Light.  Waivers will be available at pick-up from Religious School and can also be downloaded HERE.  Please email the waiver to  Your child will not be able to participate without a waiver submitted ahead of the event.