Chavurot – Building Community

What is a Chavura?

A chavura is a small group of singles, couples, or families who gather regularly to socialize, learn and celebrate Jewish life together.  The “extended family” like communal bond that is created within these groups is unique and gives all members the opportunity to take an active role in building their own Jewish community.  Any member of Temple Emanuel is eligible to be part of a chavura.

Why be part of a chavura?

Getting to know people at synagogue events can be difficult or intimidating for some.  A chavura creates a more intimate and intentional opportunity for you to get to know other members of Temple Emanuel who have similar interests, live near you or are in a similar life stage.  Having a group of friends to attend services and events with makes our larger community feel more connected and relevant.

What does a Chavura do?

Each chavura decides what to do based on its own needs and interests.  You might gather for Shabbat dinner, have a hanukka party, go hiking, plan a play date for the kids, read and discuss a book or plan a mitzvah project – the possibilities are endless!  Temple Emanuel will host a kick-off Shabbat lunch on February 18th to bring all members of the new chavurot together and then provide ideas and resources as needed.  To get started, it is recommended that you meet monthly for the first year to establish the relationship.

How do I/We Join?

Complete the Chavura Interest Form no later than February 3rd.  You will be contacted soon afterward.  Chavurot will be formed based on life-stage, children, interests, and/or geographic location.