Camp Scholarships

Temple Emanuel Scholarship Fund

Guidelines for Jewish Camps and Trips to Israel

The Temple Emanuel Jewish Enrichment Scholarship Fund provides financial support to Jewish children who wish to attend a recognized Jewish overnight or day camp or to study or travel

Who is Eligible for Scholarship?

In order to be eligible, all of the following criteria must be met:

● Student must be entering grades 3-12 and parent or membership unit is a member in good standing at Temple Emanuel for at least one (1) year prior to applying,

● Student must be a full-time student of the Temple Emanuel Religious School, a Hebrew Academy student, or a high school student who volunteers 20 hours or more per calendar year at the Temple Emanuel Religious School

● Only one scholarship per family unit will be disbursed.

What Overnight/Day Camps Qualify?

Any Jewish overnight/day camp that is at least one (1) week in length and,

 The day camp is approved or sponsored by a Jewish Community Center (JCC) or

 The overnight camp must publicly advertise itself as a Jewish overnight camp and meet two of the following criteria:

o Kosher dietary laws are observed or kosher meals are available upon request;

o The camp has a Shabbat atmosphere with services on Friday night and/or Saturday morning;

o The camp has programs of Jewish content such as, arts and crafts, cultural programs, Hebrew and/or Israel awareness.

What Trips to Israel Qualify?

A qualified program is one that is a minimum of seven (7) days in length and is for travel to or for study in Israel under the auspices of an approved Jewish organization or institution that includes high-impact, meaningful Jewish content.

What Forms are Necessary?

All requests for scholarship require the following documentation:

● Completed Youth Scholarship Application  (Click here for the form)

● Documentation that shows that camp/travel is qualified per criteria stated. This must include:

o Documentation that identifies camp or travel sponsorship

o Documentation that identifies the camp or travel as meeting the requirements stated above

o Documentation that identifies the cost breakdown of attendance at camp or travel

What is the Application Process?

Complete all required forms and attached the required documentation and send to Temple office ATTN: Scholarship for processing. Only complete applications will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will be returned.

● Confirmation of receipt of the complete application will be provided via email.

● Complete applications will be reviewed by an Executive Board Member and a School Board Member. If approved, applicants will be notified by phone and email/mail within two weeks of confirmation of receipt.

● Checks will be made out to the member unit or organization as requested.

How Much Funding is Available?

Each calendar year, funds will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis and the number of scholarships awarded per year may vary. Only one scholarship may be awarded to each family unit.  For overnight camps and travel to Israel, scholarships may be awarded for registration fees only. Food, transportation, lodging or any other miscellaneous cost are not covered or included in scholarship. For day camps, a maximum of 1 week registration cost will be eligible regardless of length of camp.

Up to $1,000 for a four-week Jewish Overnight Camp and Travel to Israel

Up to $100 for Jewish Day Camp

Should applicant be unable to attend the program, the parent or member unit may reapply for another child according to the guidelines.

If scholarship has been awarded and funds have been issued and student does not attend program or camp, the full scholarship monies are due back to Temple Emanuel within 30 days of program start date. Costs associated with late cancellation or no-show fees shall not be deducted from owed amount.

Click here for the form.

For additional information contact the Temple Emanuel office at (757) 428-2591.